Advantages and disadvantages of english language

Disadvantages of Learning the English Language

When an Israeli businessman meets with a Japanese or Chinese businessman, chances are he will speak to him in English. This is not only not fruitful, but projects negatively on the business dialogue, and sometimes totally disrupts it. If you want to work abroad or advance your career Advantages and disadvantages of english language learning English should be top of your list.

Therefore, the effective transfer of a message should be free of these shortcuts, with the responsibility for that resting with the speaker, who faces a difficult task. There are more than 6, lang uages around the world spoken by billions of people.

Educators and those interested in learning English should recognize these disadvantages so they can weigh them against the pros of English study. It is another great way of learning about the world, widening your horizons and increasing your social development as you are able to interact with more people.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Studying English

Not having geographical limits is also a great reason to learn an extra language. Even internally in organizations it is currently common to operate in this language, whether through emails, meetings, Skype, various conferences throughout the world or in any other form that requires communication between people.

Many businesses are spread over different countries around the world, and businesspeople frequently move from one country to another to meet with colleagues. The Journal also goes on to say that the effects of being bilingual has on the brain is not linked to any other factors like gender, socioeconomic status or immigration.

In terms of academia, English is the language most commonly spoken by academics worldwide. English become the global also facilitate our connecting with English speaking developed country, so that we can get more chances. A wonderful advantage of being bilingual is that an individual has the opportunity to engage and be a part of two different and diverse communities without feeling excluded.

The quickest way to learn English is through an immersion programme. This means that to be truly fluent a person has to have a very large vocabulary when compared to some other languages and that one may need an understanding of the root words before they fully comprehend the meaning of an English term.

While the bulk of current conduct in the business sector is carried out through written messaging platforms such as email - which is inexpensive, easy, fast and more convenient for passing messages quickly - it is certainly not the most effective.

Pros and Cons of English as Official Language

When people from different cultures find themselves in a situation in which they communicate, the body language of each of them, generally, will be different. Despite the challenges, however, the effort required to learn English will pay off with access to a wealth of information and new opportunities.

English is popular all over the world and would be of great use to a traveler, even if you only know how to converse on a basic level.

In other words, a person who reads any text, will process and understand it faster than he would have if he had heard it. Everything has two sides, and English as a global language is not an exception.

As more people concentrate on the advantages of English, they may abandon their native tongues, accelerating the loss of additional languages.There are many English Language Schools in the UK offering English courses to students at a variety of levels, and where better to do an English course than England, birthplace of the English language!

What are the proven advantages of speaking English and being bilingual? The business advantages of learning English as a second language. In English, we often need to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of something. You will definitely need to do this at work, on tests such as the IELTS and.

Disadvantages - It can be difficult to staff bilingual schools with enough teachers that are native speakers of the second language and the upfront cost can be greater than an English only school because all materials have to be purchased in both languages.

The Disadvantages of Using the English Language in the Global Business World

The English language is one of the languages most commonly spoken throughout the world and is the leading language of contact in the global business world. When an Israeli businessman meets with a Japanese or Chinese businessman, chances are he will speak to him in English.

English arguably has become a "universal" language. According to, 1 in 4 people worldwide speak English, and English has official or special status in at least 75 countries.

The commonality of English may gloss over some of the disadvantages of. In so many parts of the world, English is the common language that is spoken and when you have a command of the English language, travelling and interacting with people of different nationalities can become easier and more enjoyable.

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Advantages and disadvantages of english language
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