Non functional requirements of electronic payment systems

The University of Huddersfield. Finance officers shall provide authentication credentials to be able to use the system securely.

E-commerce payment system

In a quest to achieve the mission of developing and maintaining efficient, reliable and secure payment systems for Uganda, the payments and settlements department of Bank of Uganda is currently engaged in operating and improving the following payment systems; cash, cheques, Electronic Clearing System ECSElectronic Funds Transfer EFTcredit and debit cards payment systems BoU The service provider or the commercial bank grants a line of credit to the card user, and the card user is required to pay at least a minimum amount for purchases made every month Harris, Guru, and Avvari, Questionnaire used to solicit data from users during system validation.

This Payment gateway device offers an API, a programming interface, that allows to the point of sale to request payment transactions. Reserve Bank has since authorised payment system operators of pre-paid payment instruments, card schemes, cross-border in-bound money transfers, Automated Teller Machine ATM networks and centralised clearing arrangements.

The employee swipes the customer's card that is read by the point of sale and waits for the transaction to be accepted by the payment gateway device. We would also like to appreciate our supervisor, Ms. University of Leicester at https: Spring- verlag, New York.

Since paper based payments occupy an important place in the country, Reserve Bank had introduced Magnetic Ink Character Recognition MICR technology for speeding up and bringing in efficiency in processing of cheques. The use of pre-paid payment instruments for cross border transactions has not been permitted, except for the payment instruments approved under Foreign Exchange Management Act, FEMA.

Health Information Technology Standards

After the transaction is accepted the point of sales prints the refunds receipt and the transaction receipts to be signed. Payment gateway devices can manage also refunds. Performance Requirements - they asked for the data to be returned "as soon as" the operator entered the customer name and address.

Ensure you document your existing bandwidth and verify if you need to add to it, which could be costly. It has also resulted to too much costs and a lot of time used in transferring and withdrawing money whenever sponsors of students make money transfers to students to enable pay university fees at specific bank branches.

System provides security to user data. Therefore, the project provides an alternative method that enables secure online fees payment by students and their sponsors.

System provides guidelines on what is required to pay fees online. Suggest ways in which the fees payment method can be improved. In executing your roles, are you satisfied with the methods the university provides for fees payment?

Projects:Payment Gateways/Functional Specification

It is a One-to- Many relationship between student and payment. Does this really mean instantly which could have a significant impact on costs of the solution or is there a time period that they would deem acceptable e.

This facility is used for enabling online payments for goods and services. To address the customer service issues arising out of failed ATM transactions where the customer's account gets debited without actual disbursal of cash, the Reserve Bank has mandated re-crediting of such failed transactions within 12 working day and mandated compensation for delays beyond the stipulated period.

By overseeing payment and settlement systems, central banks help to maintain systemic stability and reduce systemic risk, and to maintain public confidence in payment and settlement systems. Besides, we preferred to use questionnaire method because the sample size was large.

· What follows below is the list of functional and non-functional requirements for the new system generated by that study. For a description of each item, · The Functional Requirements Document provides the user a clear statement of the functions required of the system in order to solve the user's information problem as outlined in the Needs Statement.


Refer to interfacing systems when needed to enhance the general description. It restates the user requirements, previously stated in non · Web view. Functional Requirements - Sxm. Functional Requirements 1.

Catering Service Order The system will allow customers to avail of the catering service via online. The system will allow customers to place a catering service request or order, while also choosing among the established menu, prices, payment options, packages and other specifications, via  · This document outlines the software requirements for the Electronic Health Record system for the Drexel Convenient Care Center.

It describes the functional and non-functional requirements,  · Functional Requirements: •A functional requirement is something the system must do.

It is most commonly used in a formal sense in systems engineering or software engineering. It is a statement that Functional Requirements •Are /  · The Devil is in the (Non-Functional) Details likely missed non-functional requirements.

Our stakeholders, users and even ourselves take for granted and assume the non-functional aspects of systems. uncover business rules and manage issues, don’t forget about the non-functional requirements! Missing non-functional requirements can:

Non functional requirements of electronic payment systems
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