Rachel harrison consider the lobster and other essays

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Rachel Harrison’s Consider the Lobster

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Rachel Harrison, “Consider the Lobster and Other Essays,” at Bard last fall, was reviewed by Holland Cotter, R. C.


Baker, T. J. Carlin, and Moosje Goosen. “Haycation” was at Portikus last winter (reviewed by Charlotte Lindenberg), while “Conquest of the Useless” was at the Whitechapel in the spring. Fionn Meade is a writer and curator based in New York. He has previously been a curator at the Henry Art Gallery and worked with Tom Eccles on Rachel Harrison: Consider the Lobster, and Maria Lind on Recent catalog writing includes essays on.

Fionn Meade is a writer and curator based in New York.

Rachel Harrison : consider the lobster and other essays.

He has previously been a curator at the Henry Art Gallery and worked with Tom Eccles on Rachel Harrison: Consider the Lobster, Mousse, Spike Quarterly, and Parkett, among other publications, and he was the recipient of an Arts Writer Grant from Creative Capital.

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Rachel harrison consider the lobster and other essays
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