Streching a copper wire essay

A spring is an example of an elastic object — when stretched, it exerts a restoring force which tends to bring it back to its original length.

It turns out that the oldest pottery we know was made for art or magic, not for utilitarian purposes.

Stretching copper wire (quantitative)

Resistance of wire with cross sectional area Resistance of wire with cross sectional area 0. If this is a reverse polarity pickup I switch the locations of the wires on the bobbin.


Also displays average resistance of each circuit. A conductor with lesser circumference a smaller cross section area will give more resistance to the flow of electrons, due its greater resistance. This means that the volume of space occupied by the metal in the wire expands, due to the cross sectional area not shrinking in proportion to the stretch of its length.

This is a result of countless collisions of charged electrons with the atoms of the conductor. The eyelets are cleared of solder, and checked for rough spots which might catch the wire durring winding especially the mounting holes! Chalcolithic mining in the Balkans, in the Jordan Valley, and elsewhere in the ancient world may have worked out much of the more easily mined and smelted oxides and carbonates of copper.

A real piano string can be struck hundreds of times without stretching enough to go noticeably out of tune. These bobbins are ideal for this conversion as they already have the ceramic magnets preferred alnico is generally too big or too weakand the solid bobbin makes the conversion to screw polepieces easier.

The decrease in copper wire expansion since happened due to technical purposes: The amount of impurities in a metal make a difference in its resistivity as the impurties distort the crystal lattice, thereby affecting electron flow in a conductor.

In doing this, making sure I play careful attention to safety. By about AD the technology reached Western Mexico, where once again copper was used for ornamental, artistic, and religious purposes, as pendants, beads, and bells. Therefore, the length and material of the wire, as well as the temperature of the environment the experiment is conducted are controlled.

With each short length of wire sticking from the rubber tubing, make two loops around a wooden rod. In the past at home I have used ex military bare, stranded copper wire — but it would always fatigue at the joints after a year or so in the air to be fair, the military only used these antennas for a portable temporary use.

It does return to a similar shape and will continue to return to this new form if forces are applied, i. The maximum extension to which it can restore to original length is called the elastic limit.

One can observe an obvious increase in current passing through the wire at voltage 3. Given that quartz and iron oxide are very common minerals, smelters would have found that certain ores came with impurities that made the copper ores "self-fluxing". Highest possible flexibility and resistance to metal fatigue — as wire antennas continually move and vibrate in the wind.

This bare spot is then sprayed with laquer to reinsulate it just in case it should happen to contact a weak spot in the wires insulation on the coil The bobbin is then wound and retested until the desired resistance is reached. Nevertheless, I always make sure to cap the wire ends with a dot of solder and clear glue to prevent moisture from entering through capillary action.

Lowest possible RF resistance. Keep in mind that at radio frequencies the skin effect greatly reduces the current carrying capacity of any wire.

The ground wire is attached to the baseplate using a 40 watt soldering iron, and the plate is checked to ensure the glue didn't come loose from the heat it could be soldered first. But almost all were shattered into fragments. Fluxes would have been discovered fairly quickly and easily.

The West also supported this experimental wiring, and lines between Colorado Springs and Pueblo, as well as between Sacramento and San Francisco were launched.

The reactions inside the furnace might produce copper, but if there was too much iron ore or quartz in the ore, it would remain in the copper mass and make it useless for further working. Alloy type was unknown but at least mildly ferromagnetic, hence likely to be the less expensive grade.

The SI2 unit for measuring electric current, which is the flow of electric charges through a conductor, is amperes.

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In a conductor, if voltage is increased, then current increases too. A fresh piece of wire with no bending or kinking in it is needed for each extension.

Stress is stated as force applied per unit area. A rubber band is easy to stretch, and snaps back to near its original length when released, but it is not as elastic as a piece of piano wire. Final computed results using permeability and resistivity results derived for the sample gave values that were consistent with measured results on a 7 MHz dipole constructed using s.

Aishwarya Moothan Table 2.


The furnaces were not hot enough to melt these impurities so that they would separate from the copper. No tabulated magnetic permeability was found for stainless steel but a sample showed distinctive ferromagnetism.of what it was in wire A.

Thus, the elongation of the wire ∆L is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area A of the wire, and this is written ∆L ∝ 1 () A Note also that the original length of the wire must have something to do with the amount of stretch of the wire.

This is obviously still nowhere near market-ready but the team already is envisioning the wire's uses in headphones, phone chargers, and laptop cables, among others. Physics Chapter 8. STUDY. PLAY. The nucleus of an atom is charged. positively. Stretch a copper wire so that it is thinner and the resistance between its ends.

Physics chapter 91 terms. Physics chapter 9. terms. Physics Chapter 58 terms. 3. Physics Practice Questions- Chapter 3) A copper wire, meters long with a linear density of g/cm, is vibrating in such a way as to produce 3 antinodes. If the wire is under a load of grams, what is the.

How the Length of a Wire Affects Its Resistance In my physics coursework I am going to investigate the effect of the length of a wire on its resistance. Resistance is the measure of how easy it is for current to flow through a wire.

The taughtness of the wire - Sample Essay

Current is the rate of flow of charge through a conductor. Start studying Physical and Chemical Change Examples. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Streching a copper wire essay
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