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They settle on what they publicly describe as a quarantine. The Russians remain an elusive, unseen opponent. I wasn't alive during the Cuban Missile Crisis as it occurred, so seeing Thirteen Days was like having a history lesson at the same time as having great entertainment.

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? My verdict on its accuracy is mixed.

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Like I said before, I wasn't even born yet, nor was it something I ever learned about in school, so I had no idea what was going to happen. But he certainly isn't bad in the role. I believed that the three of them were friends for 15 years and that they trusted each other with Thirteen days review own lives.

I especially liked his boston accent. One of the best scenes in the movie is a shout-down between Defense Secretary Robert S.

A good deal of dialogue was taken from actual Presidential transcripts, which made watching it even more impressive. That was why Kennedy felt he could not let Khrushchev get away with what he had done in Cuba.

They have not only attempted, but succeeded in entertaining in ways Thirteen days review convey messages that resonate with the central truths of the crisis.

We had a long talk, and afterward someone else at Beacon sent me a copy of the script, written by David Self. Kenny O'Donnell's role in all of this may have been somewhat exaggerated to make it a palatable role for Kevin Costner.

We were inclined to stay close to the actual nature and behavior of the key people, to focus in on a small number of them, and to make the movie story as clear and easy to follow while simultaneously remaining consistent with the historical record. The one and only safeguard for West Berliners was the U.

Kennedy Bruce Greenwood and his closest advisors as they try and find the best way to end a potentially devastating showdown with the U. It recalls vividly a confrontation in which nuclear war was really possible, reminding us of an enduring truth about the nuclear age. He does an effective job, given that it's tough going to portray such a famous person.

However, Kennedy is reluctant to attack and invade because it would very likely cause the Soviets to invade Berlin, which could lead to an all-out war. Viewers might be interested in finding a copy of "Missiles of October" which was a TV-movie in the s and done much like a stage play.

But there was never any fee paid for my consultation or even any travel- expense reimbursement. The president and his advisors argue about what to do "Bombing them sure would feel good!

The missiles were powerful enough to kill 80 million Americans with only 5 minutes of warning time. When President Kennedy tells Chicago Mayor Daley that he "wouldn't miss this event for the world," we appreciate the literal meaning of his words.

It was a terrifying time. How faithful is the movie to the central truths about this historical event?

Thirteen Days

There's also a look at the reaction of the country - also very accurate. For years now, movies have either trivialized the office The American President, Dick, and Wag the Dog or represented it as a weak institution surrounded by sinister centers of secret power JFK. Why is this incident considered such an important historical event?

Although he was a long-time aide and trusted political hand, he had no where near the influence that Costner's character has. Based on the extraordinary events of Octoberwe follow the brief period when the world teetered on the brink of World War III after Russian missiles were located in Cuba.

S removal of its Jupiter missiles from Turkey. At the same time, Greenwood was able to portray Kennedy as someone who needed help and was able to turn to his brother for guidance. Boston accents are very difficult to do without them sounding put on.

Thirteen Days

The movie skews many small points and a few large ones. Amid the overwhelming stress and fatigue, President Kennedy must struggle to avoid making that one mistake which might be seen as an outright act of war by the Soviets. Kennedy knows better than to fight the last war, but he is not sure how to fight the next one.

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He made it historical but didn't bore you with too much talk or information.Thirteen Days. By Fred Harvey The History Place 1/12/ This fast moving thriller reveals how incredibly close we all came to World War III back in October after President John F. Kennedy discovered the Soviet Union had installed nuclear missiles inside Cuba.

Jan 12,  · (Full disclosure: O'Donnell's son Kevin, the Earthlink millionaire, is an investor in the company of "Thirteen Days" producer Armyan Bernstein.) Costner plays O'Donnell as a White House jack-of-all-trades, a close adviser whose office adjoins the Oval Office.3/5.

Dec 16,  · In October,U-2 surveillance photos reveal that the Soviet Union is in the process of placing nuclear weapons in Cuba. These weapons have the capability of wiping out most of the Eastern and Southern United States in minutes if they become operational/10(K).

Superb film about Cuban missile crisis, best for older kids. Read Common Sense Media's Thirteen Days review, age rating, and parents guide.

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Thirteen days review
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