Writing a social media strategy document example

Formats Media formats might include video documentaries, print posters, blogs, audio podcasts, recorded street theater performances, radio drama or SMS text message urban games.

Identify the key spokespeople for this issue and what key terms are being used by different groups. There are issues that are not so time-bound, but even with those it is necessary to make the media campaign topical and relevant to current events.

While you may be ready to write down your objectives in this early stage of making your media strategy, you will probably want to return to this section later once you have worked through the rest of the process.

Or, you might spot a specific post or campaign that really hits the mark, or totally bombs.

CDC Guide to Writing for Social Media

If so, how are they using this platform? These are the people who have the power to make the changes you want to see. For instance, you might already have a video camera that you can use, or a filmmaker or volunteer in your organization who can make a video.

For example, your strategy can include one objective to raise awareness among men about why domestic violence is wrong and another that targets the broader international community, asking them to get involved by telling governments and police to enforce the laws which prohibit domestic violence.

Likewise, understanding your audience will help you select the best channels for reaching specific audiences with your messages.

You can then work from this document to ensure you do not spend funds you do not have. Types of stakeholders Allies — people and organizations who already support what you do. You can use a combination of media formats and tools to spread your campaign message to different audiences.

Social media analytics can also provide a ton of valuable information about who your followers are, where they live, which languages they speak, and how they interact with your brand on social. Research can help to describe what an audience is now doing or thinking, which will help shape realistic goals for behavior change.

A step-by-step guide to creating a media strategy

This will make it easier for you to show the value of your work and get executive buy-in and investment. Identify the key spokespeople for this issue and what key terms are being used by different groups.

Choose words with one definition or connotation. For example, Benefit Cosmetics focuses on achieving brand awareness through its paid social campaigns, but measures acquisition and engagement for organic social posts.

Use social marketing concepts to improve communications. Facebook Page image dimensions template Profile photos for Facebook Pages should be a minimum of x pixels and cover photos should be a minimum of x pixels.

You should map your stakeholders using these three categories and have discussions about why you see them in this way. Social marketing planning requires understanding and incorporating the "The Four Ps of Marketing" Product, Price, Place, and Promotion into program planning. You should always provide people with options if they are participating in the creation of your media:Upon implementing the social media marketing strategy described above, we can use this information to compare results month to month/quarter to quarter/year to year, to understand the full scope of the marketing initiatives worth pursuing.

For example, here are a few ideas for social media goals and metrics you could focus on that would likely be aligned with your marketing efforts: Increase brand awareness — Follower count for your social profiles, reach of your social media posts, mentions, shares, and retweets.

A step by step guide to what should be included in your social media strategy and plan to help your business focus on key goals + objectives. Below is a summary of key content to include in your strategy document. - Strategy statement This provides a summary of all activities that need to take place to support the implementation of.

How to Write a Content Marketing Strategy Step-by-Step [w/ Strategy Template!] by Jeffrey Kranz The good news: your boss or client is totally on board with your running content marketing. Download a free Social Media Strategy Sample to make your document professional and perfect.

Find other professionally designed templates in TidyForm/5(K). Because social media is fueled by communication, social media strategy plans can be thought of as a modern-day variation of the Communication Strategy Template.

Marketing is anything that grows awareness of your product, and naturally the emphasis is put on mass communication.

Writing a social media strategy document example
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